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Polish Truckers Festival's main goal is to provide truckers and their families with a fun-filled break from the road. Besides that we will be supporting various charities that may benefit from our venture. The idea of the festival is to "połączyć przyjemne z pożytecznym" as old Polish saying goes, which basically means "to make something useful while getting relaxed". Because we are truckers ourselves, we've come up with the intention of gathering all drivers of Polish descent (but not limited to) and do something not only for us, but also for those less fortunate.

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If you are a truck driver you can participate in the Festival by bringing your truck (or trucks) and by taking part in various attractions and competitions during the event. Your closest family will be welcomed at the Festival free of admission charge so that you all could have fun!

If you would like to be a sponsor of the Festival, we will be offering many form of exposure so that you could get well-measured recognition among not only truck drivers but also among other industry-related professionals and businesses.

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